Worker's Comp Fraud

It doesn't happen by accident!

Worker's Compensation Fraud Detection

Neural Networks

With advanced Neural Networking, we find fraud where others can't!

HIPAA Compliant

Your privacy and the privacy of your Plan Participants is very important to us!

Pattern Detection

Patterns evolve in Big Data. Finding the patterns in behavioral analytics is the key to finding the fraud.

Big Data

The use of Big Data in Healthcare claims is an integral part to detecting fraud on a macro scale. By diving into the individual claim level we can see a bigger and broader picture without sampling.

Bring Innovation to Your Company

With M42's unique Artificial Intelligence, we can help move your company forward.  Unique, innovative algorithms designed to catch fraud in the workspace will diminish your company's expenditures and add it back to your bottom line.

Unique AI

Our unique blend of algorithms helps your organization stay ahead of the worker's compensation fraud.


Our SaaS platform allows you to see what is happening in your company on a daily basis. Organizing your dashboard is easier than ever.


Every business is different and offers a separate set of problems. We think outside the box to deliver solutions that save you money and time.

Frustrations Resolved

Limitations we can help you with

More Data

We'll look at the medical claims along side the worker's comp claim to build a bigger picture.

BI Software

With our state of the art business intelligence software, you have all of the information at your fingertips.

Preferred Provider

We can deliver a list of preferred providers to steer your employees to in order to avoid potential fraudulent claims from not so honest providers.

Real Time Data

As your data comes in, we can integrate it in real time to deliver a complete data set you can work with.


Sentinel Effect

Establish the knowledge that fraudulent claims are being audited by M42 and watch the fraudulent claims drop.



Decrease your claims by 20% or more.



Increase your organizations productivity by getting your injured back to work faster.


Bottom Line

Add 5 percent to your bottom line when fraudulent claims are removed.

Ready to get started?

M42 is a Software as a Service (Saas) platform that empowers its users through specialized AI and ML technology to identify difficult to find insights.