Addiction Prevention

Every Life is Precious

Controlled Substance Abuse

The "Opioid Crisis" is bigger than it has ever been.  We can help!  Our unique deep neural networks modeled on big data can find the patterns to all substance abuse addiction like never before!

Neural Networks

With advanced Neural Networking, we find trends in the data where others can't!

HIPAA Compliant

Your privacy and the privacy of your Plan Participants is very important to us!

Pattern Detection

Patterns evolve in Big Data. Finding the patterns in behavioral analytics is the key to finding the addiction.

Big Data

The use of Big Data in Healthcare claims is an integral part to detecting substance abuse. By diving into the individual claim level we can see a bigger and broader picture without sampling.

Why put your trust in us?

M42 delivers targeted Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for difficult problems. 

Using our unique suite of capabilities we identify individuals currently in the grips of pharmaceutical abuse AND those at the threshold.

With this information at your fingertips, you have the power of intervention in the palm of your hand!

Ready to get started?

M42 is a Software as a Service (Saas) platform that empowers its users through specialized AI and ML technology to identify difficult to find insights.